In order to demonstrate the design feasibility and doing the functional test of a product before tooling fabrication and going to mass production, prototyping is one of the most important stages during the product development process.

We provide the following prototyping services: 

  1. Rapid prototyping in SLA and SLS
  2. CNC machining with precise dimension controlling
  3. RTV (Silicone) casting molds to make multi-prototype samples
  4. 3D Printing
  5. Available in various choices of materials either in plastic or metal such as ABS, PC, PP, PMMA and Stainless Steel … etc.

Working Prototype

Tooling / Mold

Tooling is top priority to determine the quality of an end product. Only through the use of high quality fabricated tooling, which can achieve stability in injection molding, repeatable dimensional accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Our engineers would utilize 3D modeling softwares for mold design and mold flow analysis, thus we could predict potential problems prior to tooling fabrication.

While we are equipped with precision CNC/wire-cut machines, we could make the tooling parts directly from the solid model designs by translating tooling geometries to the CNC machining centers and high speed graphite and copper mills for electrode parts or direct milling in mold cavity and core. We have full wire EDM capability along with various surface finishing.

We are capable of building different mold standards from small batch production to large quantities mass production.

Class 101 – Up to one million shots for extreme high volume
Class 102 – Not exceeding one million shot for high volume production
Class 103 / 104 – Between 100,000 – 500,000 shots for medium / low volume production
Class 105 – Under a few thousand shots with single cavity for small batch production or design validation purpose.

Our capabilities are as below:- :

  1. Single Cavity and Multi Cavities Tooling
  2. Over molding Tooling
  3. Insert Mold Tooling
  4. Hot Runner Tooling
Mold Design – Assemble Drawing

Mold Design – Assemble Drawing

Wire Cut EDM Machine

CNC Milling Center

Mold Design – Assemble Drawing

Wire Cutting Process

Computer Measuring Machine

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