Design and Engineering

    Our customers count on us for invaluable early involvement with engineering support. Therefore our experienced engineers would give recommendations as early as from the beginning of customers idea until the final product is done.  We would work closely with our customers to get an optimal solution, not only to ensure the performance and functionality of the product meeting customers’ requirement, but also to achieve cost effectiveness during mass production run.

Engineering capabilities:

  1. Engineering evaluation with methodology of DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembling) and FMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).
  2. Establish device master file for controlling design input and output
  3. Advanced software of 3D modeling (SolidWorks and AutoCAD)
  4. Product Simulation and Mold Flow Analysis
  5. Experienced in various medical grade engineering materials
  6. Robotic and Automation design
  7. Packaging Design

Reverse Engineering

Besides new product design, we also provide reverse engineering services for the customers who are looking for optimizing the quality of their existing products or cost reduction.  We are able to perform with reverse engineering on the following

  1. Study and understand the intention of an existing design
  2. Recommend the modification to enhance the performance
  3. 3D scanning of an existing product and engineering drawing build up
  4. Shorten production lead time

3D Modeling Design

Rendering Image

Rendering Image

Mold Flow Analysis

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