We have five product categories which are listed as below. We offer these products with custom-made color,printing and packaging based on reasonable order quantity.

  1. Delivery Syringes
  2. Delivery Tips and Accessories
  3. Dental Capsules
  4. Disposable Dental Instruments
  5. Oral Hygiene & Healthcare Products

We have capabilities in producing below products which we used to develop and custom-made for our customer.

  1. Impression Tray
  2. Autoclavable Implant Scaler
  3. Autoclavable Plastic Dental Probe
  4. Implant Surgery Tools
  5. Autoclavable Plastic Tray
  6. Syringe Adapter
  7. Disposable Dental Floss Device

Delivery Syringe

We offer delivery syringes in a wide-range of sizes which are suitable for different dental materials. Delivery syringes can be customized with colors and printing in one color or multiple colors.

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Delivery Tips and Accessories

We offer metal and plastic delivery tips in different gauge sizes which can be used for wide-range of dental materials. Also several types of luer lock caps, a measuring spoon and a spatula.

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Disposable Dental Instruments

We offer disposable dental instruments including dental mirror, interdental pick and scaler with ergonomic handle design. Packaging can be customized with bulk pack or sterile pack for EtO sterilization. Logo printing is also available upon request.

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Unit Dose Capsule

  1. Volume in 0.3 gram
  2. Long tip design
  3. Standard color available in black
  4. Logo printing is also available upon request
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Oral Hygiene & Healthcare Products

We offer interdental brushes with various sizes of brush heads. Our quality is complied with ISO 14609 standard in manual Interdental Brush.

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