Richard Lun (Managing Director)


  1. RICHARD has involved in the manufacturing field since 1992, and established ConXept Ltd. in 1999, and focused in dental industry since then.
  2. Master Degree of Engineering in Electrical Engineering with Manufacturing options from Cornell University, New York, USA.
  3. Member of the HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Biomedical Division).
  4. Secretary General of the HKMHDIA (Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association).

Company history

Year 1999

Our sister company named ConXept Ltd. was established in Hong Kong which has engaged in product development services and distribution for dental professional and oral hygiene products.

Year 2001

Start working with a dedicated sub-contractor located in Shenzhen (China) area for manufacturing a line of dental products that we had developed together with our customer.

Year 2005

ConXept had expanded the business and set up an office in Shenzhen area.  Main reason was to help us closely monitor the production quality.

Year 2009

We had set up our own factory in Shenzhen area named Amedcon Electronics and Plastic Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., operated by Amedcon Healthcare Manufacturing Ltd.  This was established to enhance our production capability in order to manufacture high quality products to meet our customers need.

Year 2013

Amedcon has been certified with ISO 13485 since 2013 for the quality management system of medical devices.

Our value and commitment

Provide unique, innovative and high quality products to our customers.

Provide the best customer services through listening, understanding and be responsible.

Integrity of business ethics, honesty and fairness.

Respect and protect intellectual property by controlling access to confidential information and facilities.

 Company Structure 

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